As you are most likely aware, a blight has spread across the lands.  

In response, Massachusetts has decided to close all bars and ban gatherings of 25 people or more until Mid-April. Because of this State mandate we are unable to continue with our existing plans for this year’s festival. This blight has plagued many countries, many are boarded in their homes, and city guards patrol the streets. The way to survive in these darkened dungeons is to adapt to our new and uncertain surroundings. With that in mind we have decided to continue the entire scheduled three day festival as a free live streaming event (including gaming, a raffle, and music) on April 3rd-5th.  

We know that this is not the same experience as the fellowship and revelry of a in-person Dungeon Siege, but we hope it will still serve to bring the community together and assist in helping us escape for the weekend. This will also allow people from around the world that could not make it to the festival, to join in and share the same experience.

There are many details to work on over the next two weeks so please keep following the page for regular updates with regards to any artist changes. Right now about 75% of the scheduled artists are willing and able to stream, and we have new artists expressing interest in filling the spots.

This week, everyone who has purchased tickets to the festival will receive an email in the inbox associated with their paypal account. This email will contain a choice to receive a full ticket refund or donate a portion to the festival. Anyone who did not purchase tickets but would like to donate to the cause can do so below. 

As with the physical event, all proceeds, after covering basic operating costs, are split evenly among the performers. Anyone who decides to make a donation of over $10 should provide their mailing address as they will receive a copy of the 56 page Siege Guide and other Northeast Dungeon Synth mementos.

Thank You For Your Continued Support, Northeast Dungeon Siege

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

What is Northeast Dungeon Siege?


 Northeast Dungeon Siege MMXX is the 2nd edition of the world premier multi-day DIY Dungeon Synth festival taking place at The Raven in Worcester, Massachusetts on April 3rd -5th.

25+ Artists from all around the world will perform over 3 days. Pre-show limited seated gaming will be available on Saturday and Sunday.

Weekend Passes Available now! 


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